• Inspired by team outfits from sailing and pitstop crews. Bold stripes and signal colours. With all the key features of our knitwear. 5 gauge heavy knits made from quality virgin wool. Extra long fibres prevent the products from pilling which keeps them looking like new even after years of wearing. Due to the natural oils in the wool it has a self cleaning effect, hang out over night instead of washing after each wear. Washable at 30 degrees. The three admiral stripes at the cuffs and hem are inspired by the nautical heritage of the sweaters.

    Made from 1 KG of Wool. Signature stripes on cuffs and hem.

    The sleeves and collar are attached by hand stitching, proof of individual craftsmanship on every item. Knitted from 100% Virgin Wool. Hand sewn.

    Signal Rollneck - Seashell / Safety Red / Koenigsblau

    • 100% Virgin Wool

      Made in Germany

    • Fit

      Our Sweaters fit slim when you wear it first but will grow after a few wears.

      Buy your normal size, it will be a bit snug when you wear it first but after a while it will fit perfect.