• Inspired by team outfits of sailing teams and pitstop crews. Often Sailers wore hats matching the team colours of their boats. A part of motor racing is to be visible to the crowds and for safety. Bold warning colours and striped helmets were essential.


    Borrowed, as most things in a man’s wardrobe from military uniforms, the Pompom (18th C french word bombe is a hat decoration of a knot of ribbons) adorned soldiers hats as a way of differentiating regiments on the battlefield.


    This hat originates from hats worn by fishermen and naval sailors through out the history. The Bobble was added to Wool Hats to protect sailors from low hanging beams under deck.


    The Hat has a 8,5cm 1 1/2 Fold to give you that extra warmth when worn. 


    100% Virgin Wool made in Germany.

    Mechanics Bobble - Koenigsblau / Seashell

    SKU: MECB1K1110
    • 100% Virgin Wool

      Made in Germany