• Traditional sailing Sweater which will keep you warm in any weather.

    The stripes were added to make it easier to spot a seaman in the case of a man overboard.

    On the classic Breton shirt which has 21 stripes every stripe would represent a sea battle won by Napoleone Bonaparte.

    It can be worn with a shirt or with a tee-shirt.
    Sleeves and collar are attached by hand. Beautiful finishing details on cuffs and hem.
    It is fitted a bit slim but due to the heavy knitting, the wool will give a bit after a few wears.
    Made in Germany from 100% from responsibly sourced virgin wool. 


    Mariner - Ink/Rescue Orange

    • 100% Virgin Wool

      Made in Germany

    • Fit

      Our Sweaters fit slim when you wear it first but will grow after a few wears.

      Buy your normal size, it will be a bit snug when you wear it first but after a while it will fit perfect.