Heimat and Trunk Clothiers

With this Log, we want to introduce you to one of our longest-standing partners. Trunk London and more recently Zürich believed in our products from the first day. This says a lot about the business and especially its founder and owner Mats Klingberg who values quality, craftsmanship, and authenticity above a big brand name.

Trunk was established in 2010 on one of Londons most exquisite streets, opposite one of London's most desired places to dine, the Chiltern Firehouse. Given the up-market neighbourhood, you can expect to find a perfectly selected assortment for both the local and global customer. The way I would describe the offer of products in Trunk is effortless, Italian Tailoring, Japanese Denim, Scottish Lambswool Sweaters, and some German knitwear...

When you enter Trunk you feel like hanging out there for hours, trying on clothes, admiring the beautiful minimalist (probably Scandinavian) furniture, and chatting with the welcoming faces. You quickly realise that what makes Trunk so special is the team. Always polite, passionate about products, and an exceptional level of customer service.

We were lucky to sit down with Mats and ask him a few questions about his vision for Trunk and why he left the world of marketing and finance to open a clothing store.

If you can please pay trunk a visit to London or Zurich and convince yourself of the magic.

Who is Mats Klingberg?

I'm naturally a very curious guy and have always liked to explore and discover new things, places, foods, etc. This pretty much started when I moved from a very small town outside Stockholm with my parents and brother to live in Sao Paulo in Brazil when I was ten. We traveled a lot during our years in Brazil and since then I can't get enough of it. I studied business in Sweden, but also hotel management in Switzerland, fashion merchandising management in New York and French in Paris, so a bit all over the place if you ask some, but to me it made total sense as I like to follow where my passions take me. I did my national service as a chef on a ship in the Royal Marines and still very much enjoy cooking, so when I travel I like to visit grocery stores to get some things to bring back home with me.

What did you do before Trunk?

In Stockholm I worked at NK, the department store, and Giorgio Armani as well as a stockbroker before ending up at American Express as a Global Marketing Manager for Luxury Retail in London 2005. I got great experience from working with all the big global luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, etc, on various campaigns, shop openings and events, but when the financial crisis hit in 2008-2009 it got me thinking about the future and what I really wanted to do. I had wanted to start my own business for quite some time, so started putting down a lot of thoughts and played around with numbers which eventually resulted in a business plan and financial forecast for what became Trunk.


How would you describe Trunk Clothiers?

A destination to discover a carefully curated selection of menswear and accessories with a clear point of view and that have been sourced from around the world, matched with excellent and friendly customer service.

Team Trunk Zürich


Why did you decide to open your second store in Zurich?

Since I lived in Switzerland many, many years ago it's always been part of my life and in a way my second home. Knowing we already had quite a few customers from Switzerland (both in store and online) and Zurich being a financial global hub like London I thought it made sense to open a shop there. I also like to go off the beaten track a bit and not do the most expected move. Just like Chiltern Street raised a lot of eyebrows when we opened, there's no one asking why we did that now, so maybe that will be the case with Zurich as well eventually. It's a great city in so many ways that really deserves more recognition.

Who shops at Trunk?

While we do have some women shopping with us most of our customers are men somewhere between 35 and 55 that either run their own company or have a senior position in a global company. They're well educated, well travelled and really good at what they do and appreciate good quality, provenance and understated timeless contemporary design.

What has kept you busy whilst you were on Lockdown?

I and a couple of members of the team were probably busier than ever doing our best to keep the business going during the lockdown. While our shops were closed, our online shop wasn't, so we needed to make sure that was working properly and that everyone on the team (working or not working) remained motivated. I travelled back and forth between London and Zurich a couple of times as the idea of quarantine rules still hadn't been thought of yet back then, but I didn't travel as much as I normally would, so had more time for long walks and cooking for sure.

Name us 1x secret restaurant tip 1xbar for any visitors to London & Zurich

So many good restaurants and bars I really like in both London and Zurich. Many of them are quite well known, but I don't think so many are that familiar with Schnupf and Gamper Bar in Zurich and Defune and George Bar in London.

Schnupf is right next to the train tracks behind the main train station, which doesn't sound very glamorous, but it's very cosy, the service is great and in the summer they have a nice outdoor space. Steak frites is the main dish on their very basic, but good menu. They also serve artichoke that you dip in a vinaigrette, so very old school.

Gamper Bar is a great little wine bar in the same area which is locally referred to as 'Kreis 4'. Great selection of wines, great crowd and great service. And a lovely Swedish lady works there, so good to connect with a fellow Swede.

Defune is just around the corner from our shop on Chiltern Street and is a great lovely traditional Japanese that has been around for a long time. Perfect place to go whenever I start missing Japan. I prefer to sit at the counter and watch the sushi chefs work away.

George Bar is the hotel bar of the Durrants hotel, also around the corner from the London shop and right next to Defune. Particularly cosy in the winter when they have the fire going.

What do you like about Heimat products?

Heimat ticks all the boxes of the things that we look for at Trunk - great timeless design, excellent quality, provenance and a passionate team behind it.