Leipzig is one of the most versatile cities in Germany and lately named as the most liveable place in the entire country. It is also home to one of our partners Stilkontor. Danny has been a customer of Heimat from the first hour. We caught up with Danny to learn more about his story and his beloved home Leipzig and the Stilkontor community.

Enjoy the read and make sure to pop in and say Hi when you get a chance to visit one of the jewel cities of Germany.

Who is Danny Kurzeja?

Born in 1974, a merchant with heart and soul and having had many experiences in textile and fashion decided to open Stilkontor in 2014, followed by the Red Wing Shoe Store Leipzig in 2019.

What is Stilkontor?

A traditional menswear store with a focus on quality and style. Offering an extensive assortment from Pike Brothers and Indigofera to Stetson and Red Wing shoes.

Why did you open Stilkontor?

Had enough of mass-produced clothing and wanted to do my own thing.

How would you describe your customers?

A good mix of down to earth, relaxed and cool and sometimes a bit crazy.

What has kept you busy whilst you were on Lockdown?

I love my business and had no time to complain. We worked on our webshop and opened it during lockdown time.

Your favorite movie or book tip?

I love reading and there are so many good books. To name one author: Ferdinand von Schirach.

Your favourite fact about Leipzig?

1st German football champion (1903)

Name us your favourite places in Leipzig and the surrounding area? (restaurants, bars, museums...)

Vodkaria, Cospudener See, not more, we don´t want to be the new Berlin.

What do you like about Heimat products?

They are produced in 'Heimat', I like the range of colours and the material.

Any future plans for Stilkontor?

Stay tuned…

Leipzig a.k.a 'Hypezig' (or the better Berlin) was named the most liveable city in Germany. The Leipzig phenomenon is not new. The City has been first mentioned in 1015 and soon became a cultural hub of Germany. It has one of the oldest symphony orchestras in the world and was home to Johann Sebastian Bach for most of his career. Napoleon was defeated here and sent to exile in front of the Leipzig City Walls. The citizens of Leipzig were also a major contributor in bringing down the East German regime in 1989 which also earned the city the name Heldenstadt (City of Heroes). We strongly recommend giving it a visit sometime soon.

Please find out more about Stilkontor and visit their website.